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Macedonia Law Firm

Our law firm in North Macedonia provides legal consulting activities, representation and legal assistance at the highest professional standards for an expanded number of cases, including in all the phases of a trial procedure before any court in Macedonia, from the preliminary proceedings, in all matters of criminal law, civil law, labor law, company law or other commercial areas such as tax law or administrative assistance and representation for enforcement of judgments. Legal backing is available from our lawyers in Macedonia in all matters, including the ones for immigration to Macedonia.

 Quick Facts  
How can a lawyer help you start a business in Macedonia?

Once the entity is chosen, we can draft the documents and submit them to the relevant authorities.

We offer a wide range of legal services for specific business incorporation in Macedonia.

Services offered by our lawyers in Macedonia

– tax registration,

– debt collection,

– litigation,

– contractual disputes,

– property acquisition,

– trademark registration

Representation for divorce cases 

Divorce can be done by mutual consent or by initiation of a lawsuit. Both spouses can be represented by our lawyers.

Support for licenses and permits  We offer guidance and legal advice for obtaining the needed business license.
Legal advice for commercial disputes   Yes
Power of attorney

Required for opening a bank account, register a firm, drafting specific contracts, purchasing a property.

Real estate due diligence (YES/NO)


Legal advice for mergers and acquisitions (YES/NO)


Company liquidation It can be done voluntary or by order of a court in Macedonia.
Tax advice and planning On request
Wealth management

High-net-worth individuals can benefit from tailored plans for their investment needs.

We manage immigration issues 

– application for Macedonian visa,

– work and residence permit,

– citizenship,

– extradition,

– asylum

Representation for Family Law cases

– annulment of marriage,

– divorce and custody of children,

– adoption,

– paternity

Free case evaluation  (YES/NO)

 Customers can receive an evaluation for their case, plus tailored solutions.

Reasons to choose our law firm in Macedonia

You can work with an experienced team of lawyers and benefit from affordable legal services.

Legal assistance for company formation in Macedonia

When you decide on opening a company in Macedonia, you should firstly inform about the types of businesses that may be registered in this country. Our lawyers in North Macedonia will provide all the information, customized consultancy and representation for opening any type of company, for example, Limited Liability, Joint-Stock Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership or Limited Partnership with Shares. Our Macedonian lawyerswill act with professionalism to help you register your company observing the provisions of the Macedonian Trading Companies Law. They will legally assist you in the whole process of starting a business in Macedonia by fulfilling the legal requirements that are as follows:

  • Assistance in creating an LLC or corporation: if you are interested in incorporating a limited liability company (LLC) in Macedonia, then you should know that this company can protect you from personal liability under several circumstances. For instance, your assets, like your vehicle or house, would not be at risk if your LLC declares bankruptcy or gets sued. Whereas out of all business structures, the corporation offers the best level of personal protection from liability. Although it is complicated to form a corporation, with the legal assistance of our lawyers in Macedonia, it is quite easy;
  • Legal help to register your business name: our Macedonian lawyers can help you register your company name. So, once you decide thestructure of your business, our lawyers in Macedonia will help you choose an appropriate and available company name. They will also provide you with legal assistance for trademark registration to legally protect your business;
  • Application for an Employment Identification Number: our lawyerswill help you obtain your Employment Identification Number(EIN). With this number, you will be able to apply for abusiness license, hire employees, pay taxes and open a business bank account etc. Our Macedonian lawyers will also determine if your startup needs a state tax IDnumber, if applicable then they will legally assist you in this matter also;
  • Obtain business permits and licenses: the permits and licenses vary depending upon the industry you work in and your business location. Our lawyers in Macedonia will help you to obtain business permits and licenses as per the need of your company;
  • Business with insurance: our lawyers in Macedoniawill help you obtain any of these insurances; general liability insurance,commercial liability insurance and product liability insurance. The purpose ofthese insurances is to protect your startup from any kind of potential risks;
  • Assistance in opening a bank account: the lawyers at our law firm in Macedonia will help you open a bank account to carry out yourbusiness-related financial issues. It is legally recommended to separate yourpersonal and business finances to avoid any problems. Our local lawyers willassure you regarding the completion of all the legal steps for establishing yourcompany in Macedonia. 

As the procedure of incorporating a company in Macedonia is complicated for a layperson, our lawyers will support you in obtaining the notarization of the company deeds and other documents and then they will contact you for the registration with the Central Registry and for obtaining the company seal. Work with our law firm in Macedonia and the entire procedure will last only two days.

Legal assistance at a notary public

Our law firm in Macedonia constantly collaborates with a team of specialists from other areas such as notaries, technical experts and chartered accountantsin order to provide complete solutions at a professional level.

Certain amendments have been made in the regulations of Macedonia’s notary public to bring efficiency in its procedures. These changes have led to the higher efficiency in the operation of a notary public. As per the alterations in the regulations, the notaries are bound to draft a notarial deed in the presence of an attorney at law.

The presence of a lawyer depends on the value of the action taken and the preparation of proposals for issuing decisions for a notary payment order. An attorney should also be present in the process of discussion of inheritance before a notary. The amendment says that a document must be proofread and stamped with a legal stamp by an attorney before the notary public’s confirmation. All these changes are intended to faster the lawful procedures and to ensure security in legal transactions. 

We would like to highlight the support of our immigration lawyers in North Macedonia for those interested in legal assistance and foreign legislation.

Legal assistance for closing a Macedonia company

For closing a company in Macedonia, you should address your request to our law firm in Macedonia to benefit from specialized advice and to obtain the proper results. To accomplish the procedure of liquidating a company in Macedonia, our lawyers will make every effort to provide you with the proper solutions. You can close your company either by a decision taken bythe company’s management or by a decision taken by a Macedonian court. Our lawyers will draw up all the documentation and they will represent you in each action and in the relation with the public authorities, including the Trade Register and the Macedonian courts.

Legal assistance in debt collection in Macedonia

When you get involved in thedebt collection procedures you should consult a lawyer for obtaining optimum results. We suggest you get in touch with our law firm in Macedonia for customized support offered as per your case. Our lawyers in Macedonia will guide you in the amiable settlement, in a trial action, in attachment and seizure proceedings and even in further actions that derive from any debt collection case.It is legally recommended to have documentation related to the debt, such as signed agreements, copies of invoices, general conditions, order confirmations, correspondence with the debtor and the proof of delivery and services etc. to prove your debt recovery claim in court. Once you file your complaint regarding debt collection, our lawyers in Macedonia will take immediate action. If the debtor does not pay the debt within the due date, then our lawyers will commence with the legal proceedings. 

As our lawyers are up-to-date with all the legal provisions and they are constantly improving their techniques, we guarantee the proper support for your debt collection case. You should also discuss with our immigration lawyers in Macedonia for assistance.

Assistance for company taxation in Macedonia

By working with our law firm in Macedonia, you can assure your company’s tax compliance, as our team can provide a wide range of services in the financial field, including expert advice on corporate tax, VAT registration and even payroll services. We also provide services for foreign investors who can take advantage of the double tax agreements signed by Macedonia with other countries. By working with our law firm in Macedonia they will avoid double taxation in accordance with the treaties provisions that regulate the taxation on profits and the withholding taxes on dividends, interest and royalties. 

Taxation in Macedonia

Taxation may be complicated, but our lawyers in Macedonia will assist you with all kinds of taxes applicable in this country. Macedonia’s corporate income tax is one of the lowest in Europe. Please find below the general taxes in Macedonia:

  • Corporate income tax is imposed at a flat rate of 10%;
  • A rate of 18% of value-added tax (VAT) is imposed on goods andservices available for sales;
  • 5% VAT is imposed on the books, magazines, newspapers,water supply, food products and many others;
  • Withholding tax at a flat rate of 10% is imposed onroyalties, interests and dividends;
  • 0.1%-0.2% real estate tax is imposed on the property thatyou own in Macedonia.

Contact our lawyers in Macedonia for any legal assistance without any hesitation, including for immigration to Macedonia.