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Buy a Property in Macedonia

Buy a Property in Macedonia

Compared to other European countries, buying a property in Macedonia is much more affordable in terms of prices. Those who are interested in buying a house in Macedonia can benefit from specialized help regarding legal aspects. We invite you to read the following lines and find out some important aspects related to the process of buying and selling a house in Macedonia, specifying that one of our Macedonian lawyers can take care of the formalities and represent you in this endeavor.

 Quick Facts  
 Can expats buy properties in Macedonia?  There are no restrictions regarding foreigners buying properties in Macedonia, except the state-owned ones.

 Legislation for property purchase in Macedonia

 – Law on Ownership and Other Real Estate Rights in Macedonia,

– Law on Construction Land,

– Law on Cadastre of Immovable Assets

Types of properties you can buy as a foreigner 

–  residential,

– commercial,

– industrial properties,

– land, etc.

 Property inspection before purchase (YES/NO)   YES
Non-encumbrance certificate required 

Yes, this document is issued by the Real Estate Cadastre. 

Documentation verification made by our law firm in Macedonia 

Our Macedonian lawyers can verify the property history and related documents. 

Content of a sale-purchase contract of a property   

– name of the owners,

– property description,

– name of the buyers,

– sale price, and other legal aspects 

Real estate tax in Macedonia   

Ranges between 0.10% and 0.20%. 

 VAT for property purchase in Macedonia  


 Can a lawyer in Macedonia represent you with a power of attorney?  Yes, our clients can be represented with a power of attorney when buying a property in Macedonia. 
 Possibility to buy without visiting Macedonia  

Yes, with legal support provided by our attorneys 

 Price negotiation  

 With the help of the real estate agent you work with

 Residence permit issued for buying property (YES/NO)  


 Buying a property in Macedonia through mortgage

Available option 

 Legal services offered for buying a property in Macedonia  

We can:

– handle the paperwork and create the sale-purchase contract for buying a property in Macedonia,

– represent clients in front of the notary for signing the agreement. 

What is the process of buying a house in Macedonia?

First of all, it must be stated that foreign citizens have no restrictions regarding the purchase of a house in Macedonia, as long as there are no state-owned properties involved. Here are the general steps of buying a house in Macedonia:

  • A non-encumbrance certificate, issued by the Real Estate Cadastre must be acquired in the first place.
  • The cadastral number must be owned and presented by the owner of the house to be sold.
  • Real estate due diligence is recommended for the buyer to ensure that there are no legal or other problems with the property in question.
  • The price of the property can be negotiated, and the real estate agent you work with can help you here.
  • The sale-purchase contract is drawn up, after checking the history of the respective property. Our lawyers in Macedonia can guide and help you in this regard.
  • Once these are drawn up, the signature is done in front of the notary who can also verify the sale-purchase contract.
  • The exchange of ownership is done between the seller and the buyer, in front of the notary. One of them or even both can be represented with a power of attorney by our Macedonian lawyers. We can tell you more bout how to buy a house in Macedonia.

Furthermore, it is good to know that the notary in front of whom the documents are signed for the sale of a property, must notify the Macedonian Department of Cadastre of the change of owner. Next comes the registration and obtaining a new title deed from the Cadastral Office in Macedonia.

We remind you that, if you want to buy a property in Macedonia, you can contact our specialists. Our attorneys in Macedonia can offer you the necessary legal support in this endeavor. You can also discover an infographic on how to buy a house in Macedonia:


Taxes to be paid when purchasing a property in Macedonia

When you want to buy a house in Macedonia, you must consider the taxes that must be paid. Both the buyer and the seller must pay certain taxes, as follows:

Paid by the buyer:

  • 18% VAT rate,
  • 0.10% registration fee,
  • between 2% and 4% sales tax rate,
  • around 1% rate as notary fee.

Paid by the seller:

  • around 2% rate – fee for real estate agent.

Our law firm in Macedonia can provide you with complete information about the taxes that must be paid when purchasing a house. We are here to help you and offer specialized legal advice if you want to buy a property in Macedonia.

Foreign citizens and land ownership in Macedonia

Macedonia allows, according to the legislation in force, foreigners from the European Union to purchase land in this country, under the same conditions as for natural persons and entities in Macedonia. As for citizens from non-EU/EEA countries, they also have the right of land ownership, with the specification that reciprocity conditions apply. However, there is an exception in this case, the purchase of agricultural land is not accepted in Macedonia.

We invite you to contact our lawyers in Macedonia and discuss all legal aspects if you want to buy a property in Macedonia. On the other hand, our immigration lawyers in Macedonia are at your disposal with legal support if you want to apply for a residence permit once the property is purchased. We can tell you more about immigration to Macedonia and the conditions imposed.