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Citizenship by Investment in Macedonia

Citizenship by Investment in Macedonia

North Macedonia citizenship by investment is a program specially dedicated to those who want to invest in this country to gain such a status. Our immigration lawyers in Macedonia are at your disposal with specialized legal help, in order to comply with the required formalities. In the following lines, you can read information about citizenship by investment in Macedonia.

 Quick Facts  
Nationalities accepted (EU/Non-EU) Both EU and non-EU citizens can apply for citizenship in Macedonia 

Business investment options 

Investments of EUR 50,000 in an existing company or a newly-formed one 

Real estate investment option 

Foreigners cannot gain Macedonian citizenship by purchasing a real estate property 

 Other investment options (if available) Opening investment funds and maintaining them for at least 2 years in Macedonia 
 Living requirement in Macedonia (YES/NO)


Residence or direct citizenship option

Yes, with an investment of at least EUR 200,000 for gaining residency 

Direct immigration with family members (YES/NO)


Family members allowed to join the program

Spouses, parents, children, grandparents 

 Residence visa/citizenship processing time (approx.)

Between 2 to 5 months 

Additional financial requirements for family members (YES/NO)  YES
 Timeframe for obtaining citizenship/residency by investment

 Around 5 months

Dual citizenship permitted

There is no need to renounce your citizenship to obtain the Macedonian one 

Reasons to choose Macedonia

Business opportunities, arts and culture, great history, affordable cost of living 

  Personal income tax rate


Visa free travel to other countries (approx. number of countries)  Around 90 

What does North Macedonia citizenship by investment entail?

Implemented since 2016, with modification brought in 2021, Macedonian citizenship by investment involves the naturalization process of people who want to obtain citizenship, with the help of investments. Here are some of the most important aspects of citizenship by investment in Macedonia:

  • There are two investment programs for obtaining citizenship, one of EUR 200,000 and one of EUR 400,000, aimed at various sectors of interest.
  • Citizens over 18 are the perfect candidates for the North Macedonia citizenship by investment program.
  • In this regard, the authorities require a clear criminal record. Checks will be made regarding illegal entries into this country.
  • Along with the minimum amount of investments, the source of such funds is also needed.

Considering these aspects, we recommend those interested in Macedonian citizenship by investment contact one of our lawyers. We can help you immigrate to Macedonia in a short time and without complex procedures.

How should you invest your money in Macedonia?

As mentioned in this article, a minimum investment of EUR 200,000 is needed to access the citizenship by investment in Macedonia. Here’s how you should proceed:

  • You can open an investment fund in Macedonia, with EUR 200,000, for at least 2 years.
  • The investment of EUR 400,000 can be directed toward the real estate sector and more precisely the opening of new facilities in Macedonia, except shopping malls and restaurants.
  • It is mandatory to hire at least 10 Macedonian workers, for at least one year, with an indefinite contract.
  • There is also an application fee of EUR 50,000, but if family members are also involved, then EUR 20,000 for the wife and EUR 10,000 for minor children are paid.

It is important to note that the processing time for North Macedonia citizenship by investment is 2 to 5 months, and one of our immigration lawyers in Macedonia can provide you with the necessary support.

The benefits of the Macedonian passport

Once the Macedonian citizenship by investment is won, a new passport is also issued. Thus, among the benefits of the Macedonian passport, we mention:

  • Free entry in Schengen Area countries, Turkey, Singapore, and Japan.
  • Also, free entry or visa on arrival is valid for approximately 125 countries.

On the other hand, Macedonian citizenship can be transmitted from generation to generation, so this status is advantageous. You can learn more about Macedonian citizenship by investment from our specialists who can also help you relocate to Macedonia.

Here are some statistical data about immigration to Macedonia:

  • Approximately 10.23% was the immigration rate in Macedonia, per 1,000 people, in 2020.
  • Around 2.065 million was the population of Macedonia in 2021.
  • Around 0.38% was the rate of immigrants in 2022 per 1,000 population.

In conclusion, if you are interested in North Macedonia citizenship by investment, we invite you to contact our Macedonia law firm. We can help you relocate to Macedonia, taking care of the formalities and procedures involved.