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Digital Nomad Visa in Macedonia

Digital Nomad Visa in Macedonia

Macedonia is one of the countries that has recently introduced the digital nomad visa. This type of visa allows non-EU citizens to work remotely from this country. The formalities are simple, but to understand them it is good to work with our immigration lawyers in Macedonia. He/she can explain all the legal issues related to digital nomad visas for Macedonia. Discover in this article some important aspects if you want to work remotely from this country or interested in immigration to Macedonia.

How do I apply for a digital nomad visa in Macedonia?

Digital nomad visa for Macedonia was introduced in January 2021. The formalities are simple and we review some of them:

  • Digital nomads can apply for C type short-term visa or a D-type long-term visa.
  • A valid passport and a clear criminal record are required.
  • Travel insurance is also needed.
  • Applicants must provide proof of income to apply for a digital nomad visa in Macedonia.
  • Evidence of accommodation is also solicited.
  • The temporary residence permit will be issued together with the digital nomad visa for Macedonia.

In principle, the basic rules for obtaining a visa for Macedonia are followed. Those who want to continue their remote business in Macedonia can apply for a business visa to enter the nomadic digital program. We mention that such a visa allows a stay of 90 days in 180 days. Upon request, this visa can be extended.

Which cities are appreciated for digital nomad facilities?

Skopje is on the list of cities preferred and appreciated by foreigners interested in digital nomad visas for Macedonia. The capital provides the necessary resources for those who want to work remotely or who want to continue their business registered in the country of origin. Here are some interesting features about the facilities offered:

  • The average internet speed is 20 Mbps.
  • Monthly expenses for nomads can amount to approximately USD 1,290 per month.
  • You can rent a studio in the city center starting from USD 214.
  • The price for hotel accommodation for one month is approximately USD 800.

Macedonia in general and Skopje, in particular, are among the safest destinations in the world, with a low crime rate. High quality of education, English-speaking people, affordable to live, and fast internet are other aspects to be considered by digital nomads interested in remote work in Macedonia.

If you want to know more about this program, we invite you to talk to our immigration lawyers in Macedonia. You can also find out how to open a business in Macedonia and what the formalities involved are.

Is a digital nomad visa for Macedonia a path to permanent residence?

Once the digital nomad visa for Macedonia is obtained, it comes with a temporary residence permit. This means that there are other formalities for obtaining permanent residency in Macedonia, and among them, staying in this country for at least 5 years.

We mention that we can help you with the formalities for obtaining any type of residence permit, depending on the plans you have in Macedonia. Feel free to discuss all legal issues with one of our attorneys in Macedonia.

Call on the services offered by our law firm in Macedonia

Whether you are interested in a digital nomad visa in Macedonia for remote work or business maintenance, specialized legal help is recommended. This ensures that you obtain the desired visa, without fear of rejection or incomplete documents.

Our team is experienced in immigration issues and can provide you with the necessary support, relying on professionalism and efficiency.

We invite you to contact our lawyers in Macedonia for complete information about the digital nomad visa for Macedonia. We can help you with immigration to Macedonia.