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Employee/ Personnel Relocation to Macedonia

Employee/ Personnel Relocation to Macedonia

Employee/ personnel relocation to Macedonia is a process that can take place when a foreign entrepreneur decides to open a business in this country or wants to relocate the existing one. The entire process and formalities in this sense can be supervised by one of our Macedonian lawyers. In the following lines, you can read information about employee/ personnel relocation to Macedonia to get a clear idea of what this entails. You can also discuss with us the formalities for immigration to Macedonia.

Visa and work permits for foreign employees in Macedonia

When you start the process of employee/ personnel relocation to Macedonia, you must also consider the formalities for obtaining the necessary visas and work permits. If in the case of workers coming from European Union countries, a work permit is not needed, in the case of those from non-EU countries, you must take into account the formalities for obtaining these documents. Here are some important information in this regard:

  • Type D visa is required for workers who want to stay in Macedonia for a period longer than 3 months.
  • The employer must provide information about the employment contracts of those to be relocated. The immigration authorities in Macedonia accept documents such as proof of domicile, income, and health insurance, alongside a valid passport.
  • Residence and work permits in Macedonia can be issued at the same time.
  • In the first phase, temporary residence permits are issued in Macedonia, with the approval of the Ministry of Interior.
  • A clear criminal record is also required to apply for a work and residence permit. The Employment Service Agency in Macedonia is the authority that issues work permits.

We recommend the services offered by our immigration lawyers in Macedonia to benefit from legal support in the case of employee/ personnel relocation to Macedonia.

Who has priority in the labor market in Macedonia?

Normally, Macedonian citizens are the first employees in the local labor market. Several places need to be filled, but if certain jobs require high-skilled workers that cannot be found in Macedonia, then these can be filled by foreign employees. In any case, there are no restrictions regarding the nationality of employees in Macedonia, and those interested in opening a business and employee/ personnel relocation to Macedonia can benefit from all the support of the local and national authorities.

Minimum wage in Macedonia

MKD 20,175 is the minimum wage in Macedonia per month or approximately USD 365. Here is other interesting information:

  • Foreign citizens and residents of Macedonia are charged only for earned income in this country.
  • 10% is the personal income tax in Macedonia.
  • The personal income tax of 10% applies to salaries, royalties income, self-employed income, and other categories of earnings.
  • 18% is the contribution to pension and disability insurance, from the employee’s gross income.
  • 7.3% is the contribution to the health insurance fund in Macedonia, which is also deducted from the gross salary of a worker.

Working with our law firm in Macedonia

We recommend specialized help for those interested in employee/ personnel relocation to Macedonia. Our team of attorneys in Macedonia has experience in immigration issues and can prepare all the necessary documents for those who want to relocate their company and employees to this country.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding employee/ personnel relocation to Macedonia, and to know from the start what you need to prepare in terms of documents.